Friday, 21 November 2008

Circle of honesty

Taking the World philosophy day, as an excuse, I am translating some thoughts into words.
Philosophy, is probably an under-rated science today and science, an over-rated philosophy. But a balance of both is perhaps what we ought to look for.
On these lines, i share my philosophy of dealing with people. I tend to trust people. Putting trust is my way of putting responsibility on people. But to complete the cycle, I need to act retrospectively. (turning to third person singular now, since too much of first person sounds snobbish). One must align his/her actions by assuming that all people around himself/herself are honest. Waht this would lead to is actions supposedly for the better-ment of others. At any rate, actions which wont be objected by others. At any rate, no objection can be shoved at you in first-person, 'cause he/she can repudiate using an honest argument. What this does is to cultivate a circle of honesty.
As with any argument, let us perturb the system. Supposing that someone is dishonest, our first-person would still act assuming honesty. Somewhere down the line, actions interacting with actions lead to heart-burn for the dishonest one. And there-in lies the root of this argument. So in a nutshell - 'honesty is the best policy'.
For lack of space/time, I (from now on, myself) zoom down to the parameters involved in this process. Somewhere i mentioned 'trust'. Now how much of it ?. Science tells us that evrything has a critical value to it. So also with trust - too much of it and the cycle will break down and ditto with too little.
That much for now ..
[Disclaimer: An unwritten axiom of philosophy is that the world is rational]

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Unarmed truth and Unconditional love

a nice movie to watch -

amazing movie and all … truly inspiring in some sections in some sense …

set me reflecting on it contents .. checking the zeitgeistmovement website leads to the following link ..

now if the project accepts “cash” using VISA/American Express/Mastercard/Discover/Paypal , what does this mean ?
If the project says, all payments lead to exemption under so and so “law”, what does this mean ?
and was there mention of not using any of the above monetary brands towards the end of the movie ?

And this from a movement who made such an elaborate movie ..
Am i being too cynical ? .. I hope not ..
But truly unarmed truth and unconditional love are the key .. and I am ready to understand that someone out there co-ordinating this movement has yet to fully comprehend the full nature of what we all are in a sense trying to achieve ..