Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A fuel called desire

I came up with this thought when going through photos posted by a friend of mine on facebook. My friend, Nia, is a britisher and has recently been to Bangladesh. she has posted not only the photos, but a meticulous narrative of the different places she has been to - Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet etc. Just going through her descriptions, gave a wonderful feeling .. A feeling of stepping into a new world .. A world where everything was tangible and yet surreal at the same time ..
One could feel the sense of adventure in her and I couldnt help but feel inspired ..

so my thoughts drifted .. how could Nia gather the courage and motivation to undertake this journey .. is this just a stroke of luck or good fortune .. I guess not ..

This is not the first time I heard of Nia's adventures - In the past she has told me about visiting Kolkata, enjoying views of ganges from Howrah bridge, how crowded the station was .. how good the chai was .. and so on .. and therein lies the answer .. It all starts with the desire .. desire not just to travel to geographical locations .. but more than that .. desire to get to know different cultures and traditions .. desire to experience life in a completely different place on earth than what you have seen till now .. desire to connect to people .. desire to understand their lives .. oh how I would love to do it ..

Off course, I am sure, such back-packing requires loads of advance planning - researching the areas .. researching the historical background of sites .. tons of formalities .. so on .. But I guess the overwhelming requirment is the the fuel - the desire ..

The overbearing feeling I got while marvelling at my friends' adventures is that - life is not controlled by unknown forces but rather we make our own destiny ..

Go ahead - light the flame !