Friday, 22 January 2010

Pocket clearance

I am taking the easier route today - just going to clear the stuff I have been carrying around for months/years in my wallet ... For one, things are getting soggy by the day - what with the incessant rains in this part of the world. some of these collector items have got so wet that I can hardly read them now. I feel like I am trying to restore some archival stuff. some of the stuff I have written when I was walking around London. And for lack of space (on paper) I scribble things in the margins. And you know the margins are the first places to get wet - so I may have lost some writings. That reminds me of the famous margin where Fermat wrote down his last theorem :)
So here goes - an unedited, abridged version of my back pocket writings in random order -
 (excerpt from Lee Iaccoca's book)
"Apply Yourself ! Get all the education you can, but then, by God, do something !! Dont just stand there, make something happen. It isnt easy, but if you keep your nose to the grindstone and work at it, its amazing how in a free society you can become as great as you want to be. And, of course, also be grateful for whatever blessings God bestows on you."
A walk thru Green park .. Children playing around ... ice cream stalls ... beautiful flowers ... constitution hill .. buckingham palace .. Quenn victoria memorial 1911 designed and exec. by Thomas Brock sculptor .. Victoria Regina Imperatrix .. Boat, swords, a child .. St. James park .. country house built for duke of buckingham, purchased in 1761 ... central island (1913) .. Sir Aston Webb - Victoria memorial .. Memorial includes marble statue of victoria and fig. of Victory, Courage and Constancy, ornamental gates facing the palace given by aust., South Afriac & Canada.
Buck. palace stands at the end of the Mall; a ceremonial route with St. james park .. at other end lies Admirality Arch .. Public buildings .. Mall - Lancaster House .. Focal point for high society .. Royal residences in victorian era ... Not only flora .. harmony between .. what i call .. humanised animals .. squirrels, piegons .. hurt your ego ..
Birdcage walk .. leaving Admirality arch to left .. short break on bench .. Inst. of Mech. Engg., Civil Engg. .. Parliament Square ... Seat of govt. .. Statue of churchill, smuts, palmerston, Disraeli, Peel & Lincoln ... Turn head ... Big Ben (1856), Westminster Hall, Victoria Tower, on Westminster bridge (renovation) .. South Bank .. view of houses of parliament across river .. Big Ben .. Blessed place .. aquarium .. county hall .. Royal fest hall .. National Theatre .. London studios .. Waterloo bridge .. South bank .. Jubilee gardens (never far from garden) ... golden jubilee bridge ... Embank. other side .. Blackfriars bridge .. Waterloo Millenium pier .. Shell centre .. Jubilee oracle .. Jubilee walkway .. London eye never goes out of sight ... Queen Elizabeth hall .. skate boarding .. Alexandria rock (embankment) .. Nat. Film theatre .. Portland stone .. Benches .. Food, Drink .. The pleasure boat(Marchioness) .. 1989 Aug .. The Queens walk (Blackfriars bridge .. westminster)  7 Dec 1988 Queen ..
IBM South Bank . Hungerford bridge, on other side - Kings college, embankment .. HQS Wellington, HMS Preident, St. Pauls cathedral .. Oxo tower ...
Lambeth, Westminster, Hungerford, Waterloo, Blackfriars, Southwark, London Bridge, Tower Bridge
Stunning view of Blackfriars bridge .. red lining, trains !
... something for everyone ... London Tel. Center .. Shakespeare Globe, Gabriels Wharf, Oxo Tower wharf .. gallery o british coastline ..
St Pauls cathedral .. Sunday service .. slave trade .. Here Queen Victoria offered thanks to lord almighty on her 60th year of accession (June 22 1897).
statue of Queen Anne .. walk down sermon lane ... From here, St. Pauls dome looks like Capitol, White house .. Millenium bridge .. Tate Gallery of Modern art .. Shakespeare Globe theatre .. Exhibition, bankside pier .. London bridge .. Winchester palace .. Golden Hinde (Museum) .. Southwark cathedral .. Bus from London Bridge .. cross bridge .. take left .. St. to St. Pauls cathedral ..
- Most people are rational but only seek solace -> purpose is more imp -> seek happiness (state of mind)
- cant enforce rationality
- Shiva statue - art - representative
- If science is closed, can explain religion
- What will happen at 10 pm today -> do we have control on the fate
- Publication on this - all ideas expressed here.
- love is how you define love -> ppl. dont realise that definition of love and good are universal.
Science -> simple
- Conciousness -> evolved under pressure of evolution

A brief summary: I think the above was the start of my random walk series in London which lastd for a year .. It always used to start from Imperial College (late at night if it was a weekday, morning 11 am otherwise) ... and then was abruptly terminated bcos i had to move to s'ton .. but the above is only a snapshot .. it misses out on Hyde park, where i think was busy watching the big ducks than scribbling random thots ... Regents park, by far my favourite park in London .. then there is the busy oxford street, tottenham court road et. which do not find a mention here - i guess they are too crowded to get place to stand and write peacefully anyways .. And then lastly my thots wander to Greenwich Hill .. so peaceful that you dont feel like writing ..

okies.. clearance sale over.

Thursday, 7 January 2010