Sunday, 7 December 2008

Circle of friends

They say life comes a full 'circle'. I say its fair for 'them' to say that. 'cos 'they' would have seen the full circle of life when 'they' said that.
To me, life comes in moments of all sizes, large and small, tiny and big, nano and giga, yocto and yotta, so on and so forth. so theoretically speaking, the circles would/should also scale from one 'y' to another. Obviously I am alluding to eddies in turbulence, but thats another story.
There is/was this one 'circle' of 1-yr timescale that i am especially thinking about as i write.
It started Nov last year with me arriving in southampton. sometime before that the decison had been made to shift - albeit with a heavy heart. Feeling quite lonely, soon to realise that it was more a case of riches to rags, everything to nothing. Rewind 1 yr prior to that Nov. and I had just arrived in London. But having spent an year in london, a band of friends soon developed. To be more precise, there was something about this place - 94E, Hounslow East. It was more than a place - a home.
And down in southampton awaited a new home - a studio flat.
But place of staying is just one aspect, perhaps trivial, perhaps not so, who knows ? . The more important credit crisis, then, was lack of friends. So began a new experience.
And the first people to star in this story are my lab-mates. From Germany to spain, france to italy, they had seen it all. And it was time for me to get used to the same. So we crawled pubs, and sctratched clubs, only to get a feel of things. That was the time to make some decisions - 'to experiment or not to experiment'. But having experimented with the people themselves, I kept to 'lemonade' for the best part. Those were times. And they still are. I remember a greek dinner, where I could hardly make out a single dish. I was told the one I suspected to be chicken, was actually so.
Those were times. And they still are. Live music at soul cellar, small talk at giddy bridge, long chats at the Stags. They still are.
But the circle was gradually expanding all the time. And new stars emerged on the scene. A group, more like a close-knit family. Obviuosly from closer home. From Adyar to Besant Nagar, Mylapore to Marina, they were all there. Sprinkled with a few from higher latitudes. Suddenly everything started to look more real. The 'coconut water' made a re-appearance, if only in thoughts and jibes. The circle took its time. Slowly but steadily it kept feeding its own expansion. Off course, no circles are perfect - atleast not in the non-platonic world.
Onward to the recent past - we were at one point inches away from formation of an Indian society on campus. Only to find myself member of a Bollywood dance society. I remember having watched 'American Gangster' in the 'those were times' days. Now we were on the brink of watching 'Rock on' on campus. These are times. But its getting rather cold here and I am hibernating where it suits 'us' best.
I remember Nov. last - not a single southampton mobile no. to call to. And now, pick and choose. For those who turned up, 'junk' was an experience to carry with. Atleast for a few hours; the ear-drums still ringing to bass. This time it is techno music - but non-techno people as a group. So for once, the voices rung loud and true - higher than the music. And 'turbulence' would be thankul for its debut in a club chat. An interesting combination - a group with its roots miles away - coming to terms with a reality inches close. Lemonade made way for vodka.
So a year on - from a 'home'-ly farewell in a not-so-quiet mexican restaurant in Leicester square - to now - a pseudo-farewell from 'another home' in a hip-hop London (misleading:) road club.
A year on - from Last november - seasons come and go. seasons asserting themselves on a background of rain. The circle has bloomed and blossomed. And today, the 'circle' is ripe enough to be a blog itself.