Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Who is Mr. Cricket ?

Yesterdays incident at Cuttack when Dinesh Kartik hit a stupid six and denied tendulkar a chance to score his 89th century brought many thoughts to mind  -
Did tendulkar advice Kartik to play freely ?  Did Kartik feel pressurised to score at a slow rate to allow tendular a century ? How must tendulkar be feeling ?

I think to me the answer is clear - Tendulkar, is not only a brilliant cricketer, he is also a role-model for cricket itself. He is upholding the standards of the game by rating an indian victory much higher than individual records.

In summary, I think he advised a budding cricketer call Mr. Dinesh Kartik to play each ball on its merit - a loose ball with 6 written over it - dispatch it to where it belongs. And in the process Mr. Tendulkar has given us a lesson on what is 'cricket' !

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Suneet said...

I still would have liked to see +1 in that century column after all the hard work he put in it